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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Stephen Amell Is Casey Jones in Ninja Turtles Sequel

Arrow star Stephen Amell is swapping out his hood and arrows for a goalie mask and hockey stick as the actor has landed the role of Casey Jones in the upcoming sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

One of six actors who auditioned for the part, it was Amell's chemistry with Megan Fox that led to the studio awarding him the role.

A loner who becomes an ally of the turtles and a love interest for O’Neil, Jones is a fan favorite of the series going back to when Elias Koteas played him in the 1990 New Line pic.

Amell joins returning stars Megan Fox and Will Arnett. David Green is directing the sequel with Michael Bay producing along with his Platinum Dunes partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form.

How do you guys feel about this recent casting choice?

Source: Variety

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Figuarts Luke Skywalker Revealed

Tamashii Nations has updated their site with new images of their upcoming S.H. Figuarts Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Luke Skywalker figure.

Luke comes fully articulated, stands about 5.5" tall and comes complete with plenty of accessories, including interchangeable heads, swappable face pieces, interchangeable hands and a Lightsaber. In addition, the figure will also come packaged with an unmasked Anakin Skywalker head to be used with the Figuarts Darth Vader figure.

Look for the Figuarts Luke Skywalker to be released in August for $45 USD (5,490 Yen). Will you be adding this one to your Star Wars display? Not sure? Then check out the official images posted below...

Source: Tamashii Nations

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Suicide Squad: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is Killer Croc

Our friends over at The Wrap have learned that Lost actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has been cast as the monstrous Killer Croc in David Ayer's Suicide Squad.

The film is also set to star Will Smith as Deadshot, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Jay Hernandez as El Diablo and Jared Leto as The Joker.

Jesse Eisenberg and Ben Affleck are rumored to appear as Lex Luthor and Batman respectively, with Scott Eastwood set to portray Steve Trevor.

The character, who goes by the name Waylon Jones, first debuted in the pages of Batman #357 back in March of 1983. The character has appeared in Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series and the Arkham series of video games.

Charles Roven and Richard Suckle are producing Suicide Squad, while Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Colin Wilson and Geoff Johns are serving as executive producers. Production starts in April, and Warner Bros. will release Suicide Squad on Aug. 5, 2016.

Source: The Wrap

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Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle Announced

Are you still waiting to pull the trigger on a Playstation 4? Well, it looks like Sony has one you may want to consider picking up come June, especially if you're a Batman fan! Check it out...

From the Official Playstation Blog:

Hey PlayStation Nation! I know many of you are eagerly waiting for the final installment of Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Today, I’m pleased to announce a new limited edition bundle featuring custom artwork that pays homage to the epic series. 

This special bundle will be available for $449.99 (MSRP) and will include the limited edition Steel Grey PS4 system chassis with a custom Batman: Arkham Knight faceplate, a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller in Steel Grey and the explosive finale to the award-winning Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight.

In addition to the limited edition bundle, we’ll also have a Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle available for $399.99 (MSRP), which includes a PS4 system and DualShock 4 controller in Jet Black and Batman: Arkham Knight. Both the Limited and Standard Edition Batman: Arkham Knight bundles provide the perfect opportunity to upgrade to PS4, but if you’re a fan who’s already enjoying this new generation of gaming, the digital pre-order for Batman: Arkham Knight is going live today on PlayStation Store.

As an added bonus, all owners of Batman: Arkham Knight for PlayStation 4 will get access to bonus content before it’s available anywhere else, including additional in-game missions and custom skins for Batman and the Batmobile. All of this will be available when both the bundles and the game launch on June 23rd.

We’re excited that Batman: Arkham Knight will be such an epic experience for our PlayStation fans with exclusive offerings for you to enjoy as you tear through the streets of Gotham City. We can’t wait to reveal more details about the special content we have in store. Pre-orders are available starting today — which bundle are you picking up?

Source: The Official Playstation Blog

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Scott Eastwood To Play Steve Trevor In Suicide Squad

Our friends over at Latino Review have learned that Scott Eastwood (Fury) has been cast as Steve Trevor in David Ayer's Suicide Squad.

In the comics, Trevor is a soldier who ends up in a romantic relationship with Wonder Woman. However, given that the new film is pulling heavily from the New 52 DC Comics reboot, Latino Review pulled the following from Wiki about the newest version of the classic character:

In a conversation between Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller five years ago, Steve tries to convince Waller that Diana and the Amazons are not a threat to global security, as they are benevolent. Steve then becomes the U.S. government’s liaison to Diana during her stay in Washington, D.C. and later becomes the head of the newly formed A.R.G.U.S., (Advanced Research Group for Uniting Super-Humans), as well as the UN’s liaison to the newly formed Justice League. Promoted to the rank of Colonel, his assistant is Etta Candy and he has made his feelings and attraction to Wonder Woman clear to her, although his feelings weren’t been reciprocated.

This is very exciting news indeed! Eastwood had been in the running to play Rick Flagg, but we feel this new role will suit him much better. Does this mean that A.R.G.U.S. will be showing up in Suicide Squad, Justice League and Wonder Woman? Only time will tell.

How do you feel about Eastwood being cast in the role of Steve Trevor?

In addition, Latino Review also reports that heavy weight boxer  Raymond Olubowale will not only provide the motion capture for King Shark in the film, but will also cameo as a member of Amanda Waller's security.

Source: Latino Review

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Arthur Darvill Cast In Arrow/Flash Spin-Off

Arthur Darvill, who played a former companion in BBC's Doctor Who has joined the cast of the untitled Arrow/The Flash spin-off as The Traveler, Rip Hunter.

Created for DC Comics in 1959, Hunter is an adventurer who leads a team of time-travelers. He is described as " a roguish time traveler who hides the strains of being responsible for history itself behind a facade of charm and wit."

This will be the first American television work for Darvill. The Broadchruch actor joins a cast that includes Brandon Routh (Atom), Caity Lotz (Black Canary), Victor Garber (Martin Stein), Ciara Renée (Hawkgirl), Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and Domenic Purcell (Heat Wave).

Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg are writing and executive producing.

If you ask us, this cast just gets better and better!

Source: THR

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Ciara Renée Is Hawkgirl in Arrow/Flash Spin-Off

The purposed Arrow/The Flash spin-off series has cast Ciara Renée (Law & Order: SVU) as the Kendra Saunders version of Hawkgirl.

Talks surrounding the show, from Arrow creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim, involved bringing in three brand new DC Comics characters never before seen on television. However, since the character has appeared in Smallville and in past animated series including Justice League: The Animated Series, Hawkgirl is not expected to be one of the aforementioned characters.

The character is described as a young woman who is just beginning to learn that she has been repeatedly reincarnated over the centuries. When provoked, her ancient warrior persona manifests itself, along with wings that grow out of her back, earning her the moniker Hawkgirl.

If the spin-off goes forward next season, Renée will join Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Wentworth Miller, Domenic Purcell and Victor Garber, all of whom have already appeared on either Arrow or its equally successful spin-off, The Flash.

Berlanti and Kreisberg, who also co-created The Flash, executive produce the new series alongside Guggenheim and Sarah Schechter for Warner Bros. TV and Berlanti Productions.

What do you guys think?
Source: Deadline

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Maisie Williams To Appear on Doctor Who

Maisie Williams has landed a guest appearance on the upcoming season of Doctor Who. Known for her role as Arya Stark in the popular fantasy drama series Game of Thrones, Williams said the following of her upcoming role on Doctor Who“I'm so excited to be working on Doctor Who as it’s such a big and important part of British Culture. I can’t wait to meet the cast and crew and start filming, especially as we’ll be shooting not too far from my home town.”

Steven Moffat, lead writer and Executive Producer, added, “We’re thrilled to have Maisie Williams joining us on Doctor Who. It’s not possible to say too much about who or what she’s playing, but she is going to challenge the Doctor in very unexpected ways. This time he might just be out of his depth, and we know Maisie is going to give him exactly the right sort of hell.”

Two period episodes of the hit sci-fi series are currently being filmed - ‘The Girl Who Died’ written by Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat, and ‘The Woman Who Lived’ by Catherine Tregenna.

Doctor Who, starring Peter Capaldi in the lead role,  has had a decade of success since its re-launch and is one of BBC One’s most highly regarded dramas. The much-loved brand is already a phenomenon delivering on a global scale, with the last series’ consolidated average at 7.4 million.

Look for Season 9 of Doctor Who to air this Fall on BBC One.

Source: The BBC

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Deadpool: Brianna Hildebrand is Negasonic Teenage Warhead

If you were ever in the mood to see a more obscure Marvel Comics mutant show up on the big screen, then you're going to love the news we have for you today, X-Men fans!

Actress Brianna Hildebrand has been cast as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a telepath with precognitive abilities, in Ted Miller's Deadpool. The character was originally created by Grant Morrison, and subsequently killed off.

Deadpool is currently in production in Vancouver, British Columbia and stars Ryan Reynolds, Monica Baccarin, Gina Carano, and T.J. Miller.

Brianna Hildebrand is currently undergoing physical and stunt training for her part as the pale-skinned mutant academy student.

This will be Hildebrand's first major role.  

Source: THR Heat Vision

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The Flash: Mark Hamill Being Eyed For Rogues Team-Up

Mark Hamill (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) is back as The Trickster on this week's episode of The Flash. Hamill also played the popular baddie on the short lived CBS Flash series in the early 1990's.

In the CW show, The Trickster (AKA James Jesse) has been incarcerated for 20 years, when a younger man (Devon Graye) going by the same name starts to terrorize Central City. Barry and Joe seek out The Trickster's advice on how to stop the younger villain.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says there are plans to have Hamill's zany character team up with other members of Barry's Rogues Gallery in the future. "What was cool about the Trickster on both series is he was smart," Kreisberg said at a recent press screening attended by The Hollywood Reporter. "No matter how crazy he was, he was so smart and he thought four steps ahead."

Tuesday's episode will feature some great goodies for Hamill fans, including a Star Wars line and an on-screen reunion with Hamill and John Wesley Shipp, who played The Flash in the 90's series.

Mark Hamill reveals that, once he got the call that the popular DC Entertainment spin-off wanted him to reprise his role as The Trickster once again, he envisioned the role as less of a villain and more like that of a college professor.

Kreisberg didn't reveal when Hamill might return to The Flash.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW and CTV.

Source: THR

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Simon Pegg: Idris Elba NOT a Klingon in Star Trek 3

Despite earlier rumors, Idris Elba (Prometheus, Pacific Rim) won't be playing a Klingon if he signs on to Justin Lin's Star Trek 3.

“That’s not true,” actor and co-writer Simon Pegg replied when asked about the rumor by Absolute Radio. “No, no, no. […] I heard there’s a rumor he’s been spoken to about stuff, so he may be in the film, but he won’t be a Klingon.” He laughed and added, “Or maybe he will.”

 Watch the video posted below...

Despite what Pegg says, let's remember that he also swore that Benedict Cumberbatch was not playing Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, so take what he says above with a grain of salt and a smile.

Speculation from our friends over at TrekMovie says Elba may also be playing the role of Richard Daystrom from the 1968 “Star Trek” episode The Ultimate Computer, if he indeed signs onto the project.

Star Trek 3 opens July 8th, 2016.

Source: Absolute Radio

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Is This The Title of Tron 3?

Earlier this month, it was reported that Disney were finally moving ahead with a third Tron movie and that filming would begin this October in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Now, Production Weekly has taken to social media to announce that the title for the third entry in the popular sci-fi franchise will be TRON: Ascension, and that the film will start a five-month shoot beginning October:

As always, we advise our fans to wait until something is announced officially. Still, we must admit we like the title and are eagerly looking forward to another Tron. So far, only Garrett Hedlund is slated to return in the next film. Will Olivia Wilde follow suit? And will Cillian Murphy return as Edward Dillinger Jr. following his uncredited cameo appearance in Tron: Legacy?

Only time will tell.

Source: Twitter

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Two More Join Suicide Squad Cast

Two more cast members have joined David Ayer's Suicide Squad.

First off, The Toronto Sun reports that former Heavyweight boxing champion Raymond Olubowale has been cast. Fans speculate that the 6-foot-7 musclebound man, known for playing the Axe Man in Resident Evil, may be playing the role of King Shark in the film.

Additionally, Scott Eastwood, son of Clint, has told Canadian outlet eTalk that he's been in Toronto for filming/prep on Suicide Squad. This means Eastwood and Ayer will be reuniting once again as the pair also worked together on Ayer's breakout hit Fury.

Again, it is unknown at this time what roles the pair of actors will be filling in the film.

Sources: eTalk & The Toronto Sun

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Animated Batman '66 Film Coming in 2016

The iconic Adam West Batman TV series saw a serious resurgence in popularity in 2014. Along with countless toys and collectibles, the show also saw the first ever Blu-Ray release in history, allowing fans to experience the (remastered) campy goodness all over again!

But, as things turn out, that is just the tip of the iceberg! Actors Adam West and Burt Ward will be lending their pipes to a brand new Batman '66 animated movie set for release on the show's 50th anniversary in in 2016!

The news was broken at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina via Consequence of Sound. Check out the clip:

That's pretty much all the details we have at this point. Chances are good that this one will be released as a DC Animated Original Movie by Warner Bros. Those films are hugely popular with fans and, while the Batman '66 feature won't fit in with the current DCAU, it'll still be lots of fun, that much you can guarantee! 

We'll be sure to update everyone as more info becomes available! It's pretty awesome to think that 2016 will not only see Batman return to the big screen for the first time since 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, but that it will also see the return of Adam West, Burt Ward and all the fun, campy goodness of the classic era television show for the first time in decades!

Are you excited? Are you even interested in an animated Batman '66 feature? Be sure to let us know!

Sources: /Film & Youtube

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Jackman's 'One Last Time' For Wolverine 3

This past weekend, actor Hugh Jackman took to Instagram to announce he'd be playing the Wolverine one final time by posting an image of the character's iconic claws.

Since then, there has been plenty of speculation as to where Jackman would reprise the role of the popular Marvel Comics mutant, but now, it looks as though we have an answer from the director of The Wolverine 3 himself, James Mangold.

The director took to Twitter to respond to Jackman's post, where he wrote the following:

And so, it certainly looks as though Jackman will appear as Logan one final time in Mangold's sequel to 2013's The Wolverine. The film is slated to arrive in theaters on March 3, 2017. It is also important to note that filming on Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse has yet to start and that a phone call from the director could change things.

Filming on Apocalypse is expected to kick off next month with a release date set for May 27th, 2016.

The Wrap is also reporting that sources have informed them that Jackman's post was in reference to the third Wolverine movie and not Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse.

Sources: CBM, The Wrap & Twitter

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Force Awakens Trailer Coming April 16th

Last November, Star Wars fans the world over exploded with excitement when the first teaser for J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens hit cyberspace. The seventh chapter in the series will see the return of fan-favorite stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher along with a new batch of talent set to take their 'first step into a larger world'.

Now, rumor has it that the next trailer for the highly anticipated flick will debut April 16th at Star Wars Celebration. This wouldn't be at all surprising. The film is set to hit theaters in December and it would be a great addition to a convention line-up that is already set to feature a first look at EA's upcoming sequel to Star Wars Battlefront and appearances by J.J. Abrams, Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank, among others. Also, this is the BIGGEST Star Wars convention of the year. It would be a surprise if Disney and Lucasfilm didn't give ands a new trailer during the festivities.

Here's hoping we get a look at footage featuring Luke, Han, Leia and Chewie.

Star Wars Celebration kicks off in Anaheim on April 16th.

Source: Scified

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Dan Didio Talks DC Comics Convergence Event

The DC Comics mega crossover event Convergence launches this week. The event will herald a two-month period where the company's regular superhero comic book line will be temporarily replaced by 41 new titles. The new books will focus on characters and concepts from the company's 75-plus-year history.

Confused? Dan Didio explains all in a new video.

In the video, posted below, Didio explains the backstory to the core Convergence series and the affect it will have on the revitalized DC Comics line-up coming in June.

He also touches on the 40 satellite series also bearing the Convergence banner, running through April and May, which will see alternate versions of familiar DC characters meeting and clashing on more than one occasion.

DC Comics' Convergence include fan-favorites such as Len Wein, Greg Rucka and Marv Wolfman, as well as up-and-coming creators such as Evan "Doc" Shaner. Comic book newcomer — and veteran of USA's White Collar — Jeff King writes the main series, with assistance from longtime comic writer Scott Lobdell.

The series kicks off on April 1st with a special Zero Issue (no joke!) before the event launches the following week.

Source: THR Heat Vision

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ToyWorld D-03 Corelock Images Released

Today, we have a look at some brand new images of ToyWorld's upcoming Dinobot Combiner, Corelock! An homage to everyone's favorite Dinobot commander, Grimlock, the third party figure is one of five robots that will combine to form the mightiest prehistoric dino combiner to date!

Corelock transforms from robot warrior to robotic T-rex. In addition, the figure also forms the torso of the massive prehistoric combiner. He's set for release this May and will set you back $147.99.

Here's the figure's official description:

1 of 5 figures that will combine together to form the mightiest prehistoric dino combiner to date!

Note: Corelock includes the combiner parts, for the hands, feet and other parts to form the dino combiner, due to this there is a higher cost for Corelock than the other team members.

Item comes MIB (Mint In Box), as it does not come sealed from the manufacturer. Other figures sold separately.

  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case 

$147.99 may seem steep for a third party figure, but this one comes with all the necessary parts to complete the full combiner. Also, how great does this thing look? We've been fans of ToyWorld and their work for a while now, but this Corelock looks to be one of their best figures to date!

Corelock will feature gold and chrome components and will also com complete with a double-barrelled blaster and sword. He also appears to feature plenty of articulation for lot of display options for fans.

 Look for the figure to ship out this coming May!

Be Sure to Pre-Order Yours Today from our Friends at

Source: Automaton Toys

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