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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Is Scott Eastwood Playing Deathstroke In Suicide Squad?

Up until this point, Scott Eastwood's role in David Ayer's Suicide Squad has been kept under wraps. Previous rumors had indicated the actor would be playing Steve Trevor in the film, but sources have now informed our friends over at Heroic Hollywood of another possibility.

Sources say the character is sporting the name S. Wilson on his soldiers uniform on set. S. Wilson of course is Slade Wilson, the alter ego of DC Comics assassin Deathstroke. Now, we are told to take this info with a grain of salt.

However, we suppose it would make sense for Eastwood to be playing the Marv Wolfman character as he is playing a solider in the film and given the secrecy surrounding his role in the DC Cinematic Universe flick.

Again, until we hear something official, possibly next month at San Diego Comic Con, take this as just a rumor, and nothing more.

What do you guys think of this rumor?

Source: Heroic Hollywood

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