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Sunday, 21 June 2015

New Jurassic World Growlers Revealed

New images of three more Jurassic World Growlers have been revealed in the form of Raptor Squad members Charlie, Delta and Echo.

The three Velociraptors are all repaints of the recently released Blue figure.

Some fans may hate the fact that all three of these dinosaurs are repaints of a previously released figure, but we really like these and love the fact that Hasbro is giving us the other three members of the Raptor Squad.

No release date has been announced for these three Growlers.

In addition, check out another image featuring a new Basher Velociraptor complete with a net launching harness similar to that seen on the sub in the Mosasaur set.

Now, Hasbro, please, please, please give us a properly scaled Owen Grady figure to go with these awesome Raptor figures! Jurassic World is the #1 movie of all time, please give us the #1 Jurassic Park toy line of all time by giving us properly scaled humans and vehicles from the film.

Source: JPToys

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