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Monday, 22 June 2015

Play Arts Kai Venom Revealed

Eddie Brock's symbiote ensconced alter ego, Venom, will soon get the variant treatment from Square Enid with an all-new Play Arts Kai action figure. First showcased as nothing more then concept art at the New York Toy Fair, fans have had to wait four long months to get a glimpse of the popular Marvel Comics menace in plastic form, but now the wait is over!

Check out the first images of the Play Arts Kai Variant Venom action figure...

Here is a figure fans should get excited about! This isn't another Play Arts Kai figure based off Thor or Iron Man, but a much loved Marvel Comics villain who's gotten far les attention then he deserved over the past little while.

In addition, this is not the Flash Thompson Agent Venom take on the character, but the more classic psychotic Eddie Brock version, and Topher Grace is nowhere to be found!

The color scheme has been altered from the character's classic black and white design to one made up of a very nice purple and black mixture. Yes, it's different, but given that this is a variant figure - we must admit, we really like it.

The first images also give us a look at the first accessory to be included with the figure in the form of an alternate head featuring a rather rabid looking tongue. This has always been a classic look for Venom and chances are most collectors will opt to display the figure with this alternate head.

No further accessories are shown, but we're guessing alternate web-shooting hands will also be included. No further info, including scale, price or release date are available at this time. As soon as more info is released, however, we'll be sure to update all of you as soon as we can.

What do you think, Marvelites? Is the Play Arts Kai Variant Venom action figure on your list?

Source: Marvel Toy News 

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