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Check out our Latest YouTube Videos!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Toynami Shogun Warriors Godzilla - Images & Info

Toynami has released new images and info for their upcoming Shogun Warriors Godzilla figure! First shown off at New York Comic Con, this figure is designed to replicate the original Shogun Warriors figure and features a flicking tongue, a firing fist and more!

This one will set you back $250 when it's released later this summer, but this is just one of those pieces every Godzilla fan needs to get their hands on - and trust us, it's cheaper then trying to score an original on the third party market.

From Toynami:

Shogun Warriors Godzilla shipping late July/August! Made to replicate the original vintage design, the SHOGUN WARRIORS GODZILLA features flicking tongue action, rolling wheels under the feet, and a firing right fist! Stands 19 inches tall! Get your pre-orders in now! MSRP $250.00

Source: Toynami 

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