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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Update on NECA’s 1/4 Scale Batman Returns Penguin Released

NECA has released new photos and info for the upcoming Batman Returns – 1/4 Scale Penguin figure. Sadly, due to manufacturing issues, the figure will not include an umbrella. However, NECA is now releasing the figure with five new accessories to replace the missing one. Penguin will now include a monocle, an extra hand, a half eaten fish, a cigarette in holder and a “Cobblepot for Mayor” poster.

From NECA:

We’re very excited to reveal new shots of the Batman Returns Penguin 1/4 scale figure coming this summer! (His least favorite time of year.) At the same time, we are also announcing an accessory change. Sadly, due to manufacturing issues, we won’t be able to include the umbrella accessory that we originally intended. However, to help ease the pain, we’re replacing it with five other awesome accessories:
  • “Cobblepot for Mayor” mini-poster
  • monocle
  • cigarette in holder
  • delicious half-eaten fish
  • additional right hand


    The Batman Returns 1/4 Scale Penguin figure will stand 15" tall, come fully articulated and featuring he likeness of legendary actor Danny DeVito, who portrayed the dark and twisted character in Tim Burton's 1992 classic.

    Loo for the figure, in all its grotesque glory, to arrive at retail this coming July.

    Source: NECA

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