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Friday, 23 December 2016

Carrie Fisher Hospitalized

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher was hospitalized this afternoon after suffering a heart attack.

According to TMZ, Carrie was on a United flight from London to LAX when she went into cardiac arrest. The incident occurred approximately 15-minutes before the plane landed in Los Angeles, with an EMT on board  performing life-saving measures. According to United Airlines, its crew reported the actress unresponsive when they landed.

Upon landing, paramedics worked on Carrie for 15-minutes with CPR before they were able to get a pulse. Following this, the actress was rushed through the terminal to UCLA Medical Centre.

Todd Fisher, Carrie's brother, has shared an update on his sister's condition with ET Canada.

“There really is not much to say. She is in the intensive care unit, she is being well looked after. If everyone could just pray for her that would be good. The doctors are doing their thing and we don’t want to bug them. We are waiting by patiently.”

He went on to reveal that Carrie is currently in the ICU before addressing a comment attributed to him, in which he was alleged to have said his sister was in “stable condition.”

“I don’t know where they got that word from. That is absolutely not even close to the truth. We don’t know. We hope for the best. We certainly do not know her condition, that’s why she is in ICU. I’m sure everyone wants to speculate but now is not the time for that.”

For now, our thoughts and prayers are with Carrie Fisher and her family during this trying time, as are our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

More info as it becomes available...

Source: TMZ

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