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Monday, 19 December 2016

It's Turbo Time With The New Turbo Man Kickstarter

“You can always count on me!”

At least that is what we were told back in 1996 when the movie Jingle All The Way first hit theaters and introduced the world to Turbo Man. But, its been 20 years now, and we've yet to even get a descent action figure of the hulking hero - until now, that is!

A brand new Kickstarter has been launched that is looking to make a high-quality replica of the hard-to-find toy at the center of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas comedy.

J.R. DeJesus is trying to raise $13,000 dollars to craft identical versions of the very figure used in the making of the movie. Jingle All The Way‘s director, Brian Levant, even gave him the original props from the film so he can 3D-scan Turbo Man and make sure that this figure is an exact replica of the action figure featured in the movie.

Turbo Man will stand 14.5" tall and, unlike the stationary toy featured in the movie, will be fully poseable. Each figure will also feature gold chrome paint, allowing it to shine brightly while putting the hurt on the always evil Dementor.

The Kickstarter is for 100 figures, which one can get for backing the campaign at $130 - and there is no limit on the amount of Turbo Man toys you can get either.

As of this writing, the goal of $13,000 has been exceeded thanks to 110 backers and the project has now raised an impressive $15,066! Congratulations on a successful campaign, Mr. DeJesus! We're betting those numbers will continue to climb as the 23 days left on the clock tick down!

So, the question is, when do we get a Booster action figure to match?

Source: Kickstarter
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