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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Riz Ahmed Says Rogue One Has No Political Message

Ever since George Lucas released the first Star Wars movie back in 1977, fans have attributed the inner workings of the fictitious galaxy to events occurring in the real world. And even now, nearly 40 years later, fans are still trying to tie the stories being told within the Star Wars world to those happening in the real world.

However, Rogue One actor Riz Ahmed has denied that there is such a thing in the latest addition to the iconic film franchise. During a recent interview, Ahmed commented on the recent social media tag #DumpStarWars, which claimed that the new movie would attempt to take aim at the recent U.S Presidential Election.

"It is absolutely to be expected that people will project their anxieties and concerns … onto art. It’s also the role of art to reflect the times we live in. But this film wasn’t made to speak to this particular moment. This is a film that was written years ago, that was filmed over a year-and-a-half ago."

"Our hope is that this film isn’t just resonant now, but in 10 years from now. I don’t think the creators of this film are to be as petty and small-minded as to use something as big and all-embracing as ‘Star Wars’ to score kind of mean political points. I actually think that in this time that is so divided, a film like ‘Star Wars’ brings everyone together."

So, fans will be happy to her that Rogue One will serve as more of an escape from the real world, rather than a reflection of it and the events within - and that's what a Star Wars movie should be.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in theatres now.

Source: Heroic Hollywood

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