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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Latest NECA Predator Teaser Hints At Hawkins

Randy Falk took to Twitter earlier this morning to post the weekly NECA Prednesday teaser, and it's one that fans of the original 1987 film should be pretty happy with. While the Predator collection from NECA is absolutely amazing, one thing fans have been hoping for are figures based off of some of the human characters that joined Dutch in his hunt for the alien in the first movie.

Now, it appears as though fans may finally be getting their wish!

The new teaser image heavily hints at the addition of Rick Hawkins to the Predator line. He was a member of Dutch's team from the first movie who was known for his love of the DC Comic title Sgt. Rock and being the first member of the team to bite the dust at the hands of the Jungle Hunter.

Check out the cryptic teaser image posted below...

Take from it what you will, but we're going to go out on a limb here and say that 'ol Randy is teasing a new action figure based off the character of Rick Hawkins.

Interestingly, it was Shane Black who portrayed Hawkins in the original Predator movie - the same Shane Black who is currently over in Vancouver serving as director on The Predator.

We'll be sure to update as soon as any addition information surrounding this teaser is released.

Source: NECA
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