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Friday, 2 June 2017

New Details Emerge For Mattel's Jurassic World Toys

If you're like us, you're probably very eager to see what Mattel has in store for their Jurassic World toys - especially after the dino-sized turd Hasbro dropped on fans back in 2015. Well, thanks to our close friends over at Jurassic Outpost, we have the first details surrounding the future of Jurassic World toys from Mattel - and by the sound of things, fans are going to be very happy.

Mattel recently held a showcase for vendors and licensors. Here, they showed off some of the lines they currently have in development, including their upcoming Jurassic World offerings.

According to Jurassic Outpost, the Mattel Jurassic World line is said to be most impressive and one that fans are sure to love as it embraces the legacy of Jurassic Park.

Mattel will bring back 3.75" human action figures said to be in scale with past Hasbro offerings. Each human figure will include a small or hatchling dinosaur, and some gear/weapons. Interestingly enough, it sounds as though the gear included with these new human figures skews more towards collectors than play factor - something those of us who grew with the line will be pleased to hear.  Human figures, said to also feature pleasing amounts of articulation, will be priced at $10.

A Basic Dinosaur assortment will also be released. These will measure about 6" long and comparable to the basic non-electronic dinosaurs of the Kenner toy lines. Each dinosaur will include basic articulation tied to a basic action feature and will not be decked out with permanent wounds.  The basic dinosaur line will focus on smaller species seen in the film, such as the Velociraptor and the Gallimimus - no scaled down adult T-rex here! Like the human figures, basic dinosaurs will also be priced at $10.

Electronic dinosaurs, nicknamed Roarivores, will also be released in the line. These toys focus on electronic roars tied to a biting mechanism. They again do not have open wounds and will not be posed less awkwardly than the Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World offerings from Hasbro. This line will focus on larger species of dinosaurs and will be priced at $15.

Mattel will also give fans an assortment of Super Strike Deluxe Dinosaur figures to choose from. Again, these will hearken back to the classic non electronic Kenner dinosaurs of the medium size. This assortment, said to be similar in size to the Toys R Us Dino Showdown figures, will set you back $20. 

Large Dinosaurs will also be released in the Mattel Jurassic World line - including a pair of Tyrannosaurs. Not many details surrounding this assortment are available just yet, but the prices will vary and some of the dinosaurs offered in this assortment will even feature a Real Feel latex skin, action features and electronic roars.

Vehicles will also be offered. In scale with the human figures mentioned above, they are said to look incredibly awesome and feature details fans are sure to appreciate. Again, prices will vary.

Rounding out the show, Mattel has also revealed that they will be releasing an assortment of games, electronics and Matchbox products to go along with the main Jurassic World toys.

According to Jurassic Outpost, : Mattel’s first Jurassic World lineup will be called something similar to ‘Jurassic World: The Classic Collection’. It will arrive in stores either late this year, or early in 2018 and will be based upon the first Jurassic Park movie from 1993.

Jurassic World 2 toys will begin to arrive in stores in the early spring shortly before the release of the film. From there, the line should continue to populate shelves with new waves featuring figures from other movies in the Jurassic Park franchise. They also tell us to expect plenty of surprises moving forward.

If you ask us, Mattel is preparing to bring their A-game to their newly acquired Jurassic World license! It sounds like they're doing all they can to honor the legacy that came before and really do something awesome for those of us who had their childhood shaped by these movies!

Be sure to pop on over to Jurassic Outpost to read their full report!  

Source: Jurassic Outpost

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