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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Patrick Wilson Confident In The Future Of The DCEU

It's no secret that the DC Expanded Universe hasn't had the easiest start.

Sure, the Warner Bros. movies have made some good money at the box office but, save for Wonder Woman, the movies have not sat well with audiences and critics alike. Now, Warner Bros. is looking to restructure their DC Movie Universe in the wake of poor response to Zack Snyder's Justice League, leading many to wonder what the future holds for some of our favorite heroes on the big screen.  

Well, come what may, one man has nothing but confidence in the future of the DC Expanded Universe moving forward - especially when it comes to the directors on said projects. Patrick Wilson, who'll play the villainous Ocean Master next year in James Wan's Aquaman, recently sat down to speak with Metro, where he expressed excitement over the strong directorial choices made by Warner Bros. for their upcoming slate of DC movies.

"As they say, there are a lot of different ways to skin a cat. Or to make a movie and a franchise. I can only speak on behalf of being an actor and having a relationship with the directors. As a fan, I sit back and see the choices that they make for directors and they are very strong, focused, individual directors and that takes confidence. It easy to hire someone that is just a yes man. And they’re certainly not, which is very exciting."

It is true that Warner Bros. does have some pretty strong directors waiting in the wings to add their own flavour to the DC Expanded Universe. James Wan has Aquaman, David F. Sandberg has Shazam, Matt Reeves is at the helm of The Batman, Gavin O'Connor will direct Suicide Squad 2, Joss Whedon is attached to Batgirl and Patty Jenkins will return for the Wonder Woman sequel. Yes, there is no shortage of strong directorial talent within the DCEU, so here's hoping future projects will garner Warner Bros. the praise and admiration they once had with films like Superman: The Movie and The Dark Knight. We love these characters and are certain the studio will learn from their mistakes and give these heroes the love they so rightly deserve.

Source: Metro

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