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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Meet The Members Of Marvel Rising

Last winter, fans learned about Marvel Rising, which will be made up of six, four-minute digital shorts that spotlight Ghost-Spider and a feature-length animated film entitled Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, all of which will debut later this year.

Marvel Rising will feature such superpowered teens as Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Quake, Patriot, America Chavez, and Inferno as they team up to take on a new force that threatens the universe.

Check out all the awesome character models posted below...

First up, we have Ghost-Spider. Voiced by Dove Cameron, the character of Ghost-Spider is also known as Gwen Stacy. She's a free spirited teen who found her calling to be a super hero after being bitten by a radioactive spider and gaining spider-like powers. As Ghost-Spider, she aids those in need, but has to keep her alter-ego a secret from her father, Captain George Stacy, who sees Ghost-Spider as more of a menace than a hero.

Next up, we have Quake. Voiced by Chloe Bennett, Daisy Johnson is a leading agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. whose tendency for rule-breaking gets her into trouble now and then. Daisy befriends the young group of heroes and through them discovers how to become a better leader. She can generate powerful vibrational waves, which produce effects similar to earthquakes.

Here we have Inferno. Voiced by Tyler Posey, Dante Pertuz is a brooding, dark loner on the run. Dante has the power of pyrokinesis, which makes him capable of generating flames – however, he is not fully in control of his fiery abilities. It’s a thin line between good guy and villain for the unpredictable Inferno.

Then there's Ms. Marvel. Voiced by Kathreen Khavari, Kamala Khan is a devoted fan of Super Heroes, especially of her mentor Captain Marvel; she is determined that she too can be a great hero! If only she’d be taken seriously. Kamala is equipped with metamorphic powers that allow her to stretch, enlarge, or shrink her overall size, parts of her body, or alter her physical appearance. She is especially fond of “embiggening” her fists.

Next on the roster is Squirrel Girl. Voiced by Milana Vayntrub, Doreen Green is the uber-positive, hilarious best friend and teammate of Ms. Marvel. With advanced computer skills, enhanced strength, agility, durability, and senses of a squirrel, Doreen (along with her squirrel partner, Tippy Toe!),  is primed and ready to become a successful hero.

Cierra Ramirez voices America Chavez. She a strong, independent young hero whose painful past drives her to reject leadership and remain a loner. America’s powers include superhuman strength, speed, and durability, plus the ability to fly.

Also on the team is Patriot. Voiced by Kamil McFadden, Rayshaun Lucas is a natural born leader who is quick to leap into action to impress his colleagues at S.H.I.E.L.D. Rayshaun strives to live up to Captain America’s legacy with integrity, honesty, and order above all. His skills include heightened strength, speed, stamina, and durability.

Captain Marvel will also appear on the series. Voiced by Kim Raver, ace pilot Carol Danvers is a bold leader who doesn’t sugar-coat and is guided by a strong sense of duty and honor. She’s the ultimate inspiration for our band of misfit heroes. She is equipped with superhuman strength, can fly at high speeds, and can project intense energy blasts.

And finally, we have Lockjaw and Tippy-Toe. Dee Bradley Baker lends his voice to these two lovable and heroic sidekicks: Lockjaw is Kamala’s trusty, teleporting mutt and Tippy Toe is Doreen’s partner in crime and best squirrel friend.

What do you think, Infinite Earths fans? Are you excited to join all of these young heroes in Marvel Rising later this year? Look for more news on the upcoming series soon.

Source: Marvel

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