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Monday, 19 March 2018

Multiverse 101: Who Is Amunet Black?

This season on The Flash, the team found themselves dealing with a new threat in Central City.

Amunet Black is a powerful crime lord who has been selling stolen technologically within the meta-human black market ever since the particle accelerator exploded. In addition, she enjoys increased physiology and a limited mastery of magnetism after being exposed to the fallout from the particle accelerator - making her a deadly foe to cross.

Yet, the question remains, just who is the villain known as Amunet Black?

Created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, Amunet Black first appeared in the pages of Flash: Iron Heights back in August 2001. For fifteen years, the villain was responsible for running The Network in Central and Keystone City. This underground market serves as the perfect place for individuals to buy, sell and move contraband outside the public's eye.

During this time, Amunet was briefly married to Goldface. When they divorced, she stole the elixir that gave him his powers and modified it, gaining the ability to merge metal with flesh and shape it to her will. Shortly after, Amunet put a plan in place to take over Central and Keystone City.

Putting her plan into motion, Amunet, assuming the alias of Blacksmith, would bring together a group of Rogues to help her carry out her plan against the twin cities. These included the likes of Mirror Master, Magenta, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Plunder, Girder and Murmur.

After incapacitating several of Barry Allen's allies, including Cyborg, Jay Garrick, and Pied Piper, Murmur and Mirror Master attacked several radio stations to reprogram their antennas to broadcast a mirror shield around the twin cities to prevent anyone from coming in or getting out.

With everything now in place, Amunet and her Rogues launched their takeover by attacking The Flash. In the end, Barry found himself exhausted and badly injured but, just as the villains were about to finish him off, they were stopped by the arrival of The Thinker. After he was defeated, the Rogues continued with their plan.

During this time, Amunet would transform her body into metal, while numerous members of The Network would begin to loot and pillage the two cities. Eventually, Goldface would lead the people of the twin cities against the Network and Flash managed to defeat the Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, and Trickster before they could complete their takeover.

With her team defeated, Amunet would attempt one final attack against Central and Keystone City, but would be defeated by The Flash before any real damage could be done. With her Network discontinued, she was sent to Iron Heights for her crimes.

An interesting and powerful foe to be sure!

Will we eventually see Amunet forming a team to take over the twin cities? We can't say for sure, but there's no doubt that her small screen counterpart certainly possesses a similar determination that could very well lead to Amunet putting a similar plan into action.

And, we must admit, we'd love to see something like that on The Flash.

But, for now, she's sure to cause plenty of trouble as she continues her quest to sell stolen technology, and meta-humans, to the highest bidder.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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