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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Review: Dynamite - Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica #3

Get ready for the best issue of Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica to date!

One of the coolest crossover events from Dynamite Entertainment, the third issue of this trippy science fiction series takes everything you've loved about the book and cranks it up to eleven!

Just as the two crews seem to reach a peaceful semblance, the Pegasus comes through the wormhole, uniting friends and lovers thought to be long gone. Meanwhile, an unstable prisoner meets a shady figure who convinces him to take matters into his own hands. Additionally, the crew of the Battlestar meets a very unexpected guest in the form of a mysterious alien being.

However, nothing compares to when the fan-demanded match for the ages ensues when Starbuck finally fraks Starbuck - and proceeds to meet the disgruntled husband in the process. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up, and if you thought the Zarek and Apollo meeting from the previous issue was awesome, you haven't seen anything yet!

We've said it once, and we're going to say it again: Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica is quickly becoming one of the best comic titles of 2018! Peter David and Johnny Desjardins never cease to amaze with each new issue in this exciting series - and we always find ourselves wanting more each time we finish a book.

Crammed full of excellent fan service, pulse-pounding action and beautiful art, Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica continues to breath new live into this long-running franchise, and we cannot wait to see what David and Desjardins have planned for the next issue.

Rating: 4.5/5 - "A real wrench is thrown into the unstable peace obtained by the two crews when two individuals give in to their baser animal desires - and we love it!"

Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica #3 hits newsstands on March 28th.

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