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Monday, 19 March 2018

Review: Teen Titans: Season 1: Episode 7 - Switched

We continue our look back at the Teen Titans animated series today with a look at the seventh episode of the debut season - the team-up episode entitled Switched.

Starring: Scott Menville, Greg Cipes, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch and Tracey Walter

The episode begins when the villainous Puppet King sends the Titans a cardboard box filled with puppets that resemble all five members of the team. The young heroes immediately take a liking to the little toys, but that evening the Puppet King emerges from his hiding place and activates a controller which has the ability to transfer the soul of a person into a puppet.

This results in Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg having their souls moved into the puppets, but when the Puppet King tries this on Raven and Starfire, Raven uses her powers to stop the process. However, she ends up trapped in Starfire's body and visa versa.

The duo flee from Titans Tower with their mind controlled teammates in pursuit.

While on the run, Raven and Starfire have problems using each other's powers. However, during this time, they share with each other stories about their life and learn about each other as a person, in the hopes of understanding their respective powers.

The girls eventually make their way to an abandoned theater where they witness the Puppet King preparing to burn the puppets with the souls of their friends still trapped inside. The duo jump into action and steal the puppets back, but this results in the Puppet King sending the mind-controlled Titans at the girls, attacking them ruthlessly. The Puppet King reclaims the toys and prepares to burn them up, but Raven fires a starbolt, which knocks the controller out of the Puppet King's hand. It ends up landing in the fire which was originally intended to burn the puppets. With the controller destroyed the King loses the magic force keeping him alive and returns back to a puppet and the Titans have their souls returned to their bodies.

The following day, the girls bond over their latest adventure, relaxing with some meditation and an afternoon trip to the mall.

Rating: 4/5 - "This one is all about the girl power as Raven and Starfire must put aside their differences to save the boys from the laughable Puppet King."

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