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Monday, 19 March 2018

Review: Valiant - Ninja-K #5

It's time to enter the belly of the beast!

Colin King heads to London to infiltrate one of the last known acclimation bureau locations, with the mysterious and deadly Ninja-C close by and ready to carry out his own agenda.

The operatives charge in, facing a barrage of traps ranging from slicing laser grids to hulking armored soldiers. Despite the obstacles, the duo are able to acquire the information that they came for, unleashing a series of explosive devices on the bureau before making their way to the surface.

However, the mission is far from over.

Heading topside, Colin King proceeds to engage his partner, who quickly attempts to leak all the top secret information they've just stolen onto the world wide web. Realizing the deadly ramifications such actions could have on the whole of MI6, Ninja-K leaps into action.

Swords clash high above the city as Colin desperately attempts to prevent Ninja-C from leaking the sensitive information out to the public, but soon comes to see that he is facing a truly crazed man thirsty for revenge against those who kept him tied to the Ninja Programme.

As the battle rages on, Colin unmasks his foe and attempts to appeal to the individual's heart, however it is soon clear that nothing is going to stop Ninja-C from carrying out his plan and crippling MI6 once and for all. Thus, Colin is forced to put an end to things once and for all. Taking control of his personal flight craft, Colin pilots the vehicle straight into an unsuspecting Ninja-C, slamming the man with enough force to shatter every last bone in his body.

After a few moments to regain his composure, Colin plummets into the River Tames and begins a frantic search for Ninja-C's body. However, even with the aid of his equipment, he is unable to locate what remains of his fallen foe.

Is Ninja-C dead? Battered, broken and being swept out to sea?

Only time will tell.

The issue concludes with Colin interrogating Neville back at MI6 headquarters. It is here that we learn some rather dark truths about the organization's bloody past during the Cold War, and the organization's attempts to cover things up from their operatives. Eventually, Colin leaves headquarters behind and heads for home, where we find him chatting with an old friend.

Ninja-K #5 is another explosive rollercoaster that leaves us wanting oh so much more! Crammed full of action, mystery and hi-tech gadgets, it's everything you love about the world of super spies and international espionage cranked up to eleven!

Gage and Giorello should be proud of the adrenaline cocktail that they've mixed here, because it's sure to have you hooked with even the tiniest of sips. And that's a very good thing!

Rating: 5/5 - "Another explosive rollercoaster ride, the latest issue of Ninja-K is everything about the world of super spies and international espionage cranked up to eleven!"

Ninja-K #5 hits newsstands on Wednesday, March 21st.

Until next time, Infinite Earth fans!

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