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Monday, 19 March 2018

Rick And Morty Future In Limbo

Fans have been hoping for news of a fourth season of Rick And Morty for quite some time now, but nothing has been announced yet. So, what's going on?

Responding to an angry fan demanding to know why work had yet to begin on a fourth season of Rick And Morty, series co-creator Dan Harmon revealed that the reason nothing is being done is due to the fact that Adult Swim has yet to order it.

Check out Harmon's response posted below...

Given the level of popularity that Rick And Morty generate for the network, this is  rather shocking and surprising revelation. Now, there's absolutely nothing that says things won't change eventually, but it looks as though fans of Rick And Morty may have a ways to wait before anything new emerges in regards to more episodes.

Here's hoping Adult Swim orders another season soon.

We need our Rick And Morty fix bad!

Source: Dan Harmon

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