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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Boss Fight Studio Takes Aim With Dead-Eye Duck

To say we were excited when Boss Fight Studio first announced that they were bringing back Bucky O'Hare is the understatement of the century. Growing up, we enjoyed the cartoon, loved the old NES game and couldn't get enough of those classic Kenner action figures.

In addition, to learn that the same company responsible for the Vitruvian HACKS line were the ones planning on giving fans the first new Bucky O'Hare figures in close to 25 years was nothing short of thrilling. However, none of this would compare to the sheer elation we would experience upon getting our hands on the Dead-Eye Duck figure from Series 2.

The gunner onboard The Righteous Indignation, Dead-Eye Duck is a former Corsair Canard space pirate hailing from the planet Kanopis-3. Known for his extra set of arms and iconic red eye patch, Dead-Eye is more than a little trigger-happy and hasn't completely given up his pirate ways since joining the battle against the Toad Empire.

Created by Larry Hama, Neal Adams and Michael Golden, the character first appeared back in May of 1984 in the pages of the anthology series Echo of Futurepast.

Boss Fight Studio has perfectly captured the cantankerous canard in plastic form here, and we're just going to come right out and say that Dead-Eye Duck is easily the best entry within their Bucky O'Hare line to date! Standing around 4" in height, Dead-Eye Duck comes to fans encased in the same resealable packaging that we've seen with all the other figures in the line. Dead-Eye Duck and all his included accessories are all nicely displayed within, while the packaging features some beautifully bright art on the front, and a detailed dossier alongside a glimpse at some of the additional Bucky O'Hare figures on the reverse.

Once again, we must applaud Boss Fight Studio's decision to give these figures resealable packaging! To be able to pull your figures out of their plastic prisons for play, and then be given the option to seal them back up for mint on card display is nothing short of genius, and it makes us wish that other companies would follow the example set here by Boss Fight Studio - although the odds of that happening are probably slim to none, right?

Anyways, back to the figure.

Dead-Eye Duck stands around 4" tall and comes dressed in his trademark orange jumpsuit. The outfit is complemented by the addition of a red flight harness capable of storing the four including blaster pistols, red boots, a red cap, silver headphones and his iconic red eye patch.

The entire ensemble is extremely pleasing to behold with the eyes and really does a great job of popping against the black plastic of the face and hands.

As one would expect, the paint work present here is absolutely top notch! Everything is clean and vivid, done in such a way that bleeds, runs and smears are virtually non-existent. The lines are so crisp and expertly applied that this appears to be the original animation model seen within the cartoon, and not a precisely crafted piece of plastic perfection.

As collectors, we're all too familiar with the sloppy paint work that trickles into retailers from larger, more renowned manufacturers. This, unfortunately, has made us weary when it comes to paint applications on our action figures, but Boss Fight Studio has put this concern to rest by truly putting time and effort into the coloration of their little plastic playthings.

This love and care is carried over to even the smallest of details crafted throughout the figure. Boss Fight Studio has gone so far as to add the cap logo, golden bands, belt buckle and knee pads seen on the original animation model. Again, the paint applied to these little niceties is beautifully applied and really adds something extra to an already impressive action figure.

In addition, Dead-Eye has all of the articulation you would expect in a Boss Fight Studio figure, plus a little extra thanks to that spare set of arms. Everything moves smoothly, and the joints stay nice and tight following repeated use. This ensures a long shelf life and will surely ease the worries of many a collector concerned about the numerous joints weakening over time.

A very nice thing indeed!

Like the other figures making up the newest wave of Bucky O'Hare figures, Dead-Eye Duck features some very nice high quality plastic. Slightly softer than what we saw back on Series One late last year, this new material allows fans to move and swap parts out with relative ease, and without the use of a hairdryer. However, we would like to recommend that fans manipulate the joints slowly the first time they remove the figure from the packaging.

The joints can be a little stiff out of the box, but everything should be fine after some initial posing, just be sure to break things in slowly.

Dead-Eye Duck also includes a nice selection of accessories. These include a trio of different interchangeable beaks featuring different facial expressions ranging from a closed mouth to smaller and wider gritted teeth. Each of these add a wonderful sense of life to the figure, and give it a nice range of personality overall. In addition to the beaks, Dead-Eye also get several different hands, and four guns for his four subsequent hands. Aside from the  four pistol grip hands, he also includes a fist, a thumbs-up hand and an open hand among others.

He also comes complete with four blaster pistols, each featuring a nice coating of silver paint. Each of these fit nice and tight into the aforementioned pistol grip hands, and we must admit we're really loving the look of the smaller blasters most of all! These little weapons all fit nicely into Dead-Eye's feathered fingers, and we're really hoping Boss Fight Studio will release some vehicles in the future that will allow the former pirate to do what he does best - man the cannons!

Oh, and for those wondering, the headphones present here are sculpted on.

They're not a removable accessory.

So, to sum things up, Boss Fight Studio has made one of the coolest action figure lines to date with Bucky O'Hare, but they've officially topped themselves with Dead-Eye Duck!

If they didn't have us before, which they most certainly did, the cantankerous canard has officially roped us in for the long haul! He's that good!

Up next, we'll be getting some Toad Troopers for the crew of the Righteous Indignation to use as cannon fodder, and you have to know we'll be taking a look at those as soon as we possibly can!

Until then, be sure to order your own set of Bucky O'Hare figures by clicking the banner posted at the bottom of this review!

+ Updated Plastics
+ Aesthetically Pleasing
+ Excellent Level Of Detail
+ Strong Paint Applications
+ Plenty Of Articulation
+ Strong Joints
+ Nice Amount Of Appropriate Accessories
+ Collector-Friendly Packaging

- Not Available At Mass Retail

Overall: "Boss Fight Studio has outdone themselves with Dead-Eye Duck, creating a little piece of plastic perfection that sets the bar for all future releases to come."

- Special thanks to Sarah Brown over at Boss Fight Studio for sending the sample used in this review! And to Katie Passfield for taking the pictures used in this review!

Want one of your own? Be sure to click the banner at the bottom of this article!

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