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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Boss Fight Studios' Newest Jenny Figure Is Purrrfect

Earlier this year, Boss Fight Studio expanded the ranks of their fan-favorite Bucky O'Hare action figure line with a brand new assortment of collectible characters. And today, we're kicking off the weekend with a look at the second figure in the wave with Astral Projection Jenny.

When first introduced in the pages of the anthology series Echo of Futurepast back in 1984, Bucky O'Hare wasn't the only one involved in the fight against the vile Toad Empire. No, everyone's favorite hare brought friends along for the fight - beginning with his first mate, Jenny.

A cat from the planet Aldebaran, Jenny is equipped with mysterious magical and psionic powers common to the females of her species. Capable of telepathy, astral projection, energy blasts and healing, Jenny is a valuable member of the crew of The Righteous Indignation.

Sadly, despite her importance to the legacy of the Bucky O'Hare franchise, Jenny was one of those characters to not get an action figure from Kenner before the line was pulled from shelves. Now, Boss Fight Studio has remedied the situation after a 25 year wait - releasing the very first Jenny action figure late last year to a very excited fan base.

For their second wave, Boss Fight Studio has given fans a variant on the classic character with Astral Projection Jenny and, once again, it's as purrrfect as you'd expect.

Let's take a look at this beautiful new variant, shall we...

The Boss Fight Studio Astral Projection Jenny is a 5" action figure that serves as a repaint of the First Mate Jenny figure released last year. This new version is sculpted in translucent, semi-smoky plastic meant to make the character appear as though she is using one of her special abilities. She features a much more slender build than the other figures in the wave, however Boss Fight Studio has added some much needed bulk with the addition of armoured shoulder pads, a breastplate, and armbands. In addition, the figure features a selection of nicely painted blue jewels on her headband, midriff, wrists and knees - which break up the clear and smoky hues of the figure with some nice color.

This new version celebrates the ability of Jenny's species to project themselves into the astral plane. An ability that the members of her species tend to keep secret, it allows Jenny to move within ectoplasmic form outside of her corporeal body. While it is not known for certain, it is widely believed that Jenny was able to use her astral projection ability to penetrate the core CPU at the very heart of KOMPLEX deep within the boundaries of the Toad Empire.

As with the previously reviewed Stealth Mission Bucky O'Hare figure that we took a look at earlier this week, Astral Projection Jenny has clearly been given a plastic upgrade over the initial release. The First Mate Jenny figure featured some overly hard plastic - something that could make the posing and swapping of parts a somewhat difficult experience. However, this new version has definitely been improved upon. Parts and joints are still nice and tight out of the box, but fans are no longer required to keep a hairdryer nearby to soften up the plastic.

Astral Projection Jenny also features a very sharp pearlescent paint job that is one of the most eye-catching color schemes to ever be seen on a figure. It's sharp, clean and does a beautiful job of complimenting the translucent, semi-smoky plastics of the sculpt.

The sheer splendour of the paint work also carries over to the subsequent interchangeable faces included with the figure - each one featuring some wonderfully painted green eyes that prove to be one of Jenny's most striking features overall. They're just so incredibly vibrant, and do a great job of adding some much needed personality to this new figure.

As you'd come to expect, Boss Fight Studio has loaded up their new Astral Projection Jenny figure with plenty of articulation. These include a ball-jointed head with an excellent range of motion, swivel and hinge elbows and knees, and even toe and tail articulation. If that's not enough, the figure also includes a flowing, articulated tail. The genius behind this appendage has Boss Fight Studio mounting it on a ball joint, which not only allows for a wide range of motion, but also allows the tail to be used as a sort of kickstand to keep the figure balanced and upright.

This is an excellent addition to such a slender figure, aiding in overall stability and easing the worry of many a collector who may fret over such a thin figure toppling over while on display.

The resealable blister card features art straight out of the comic, while a clear plastic bubble displays the figure and all the accessories contained within. Flipping things around to the back, you'll discover that the eye-catching colors and vintage card art are carried over from the front - and are even joined by a detailed dossier of the figure within, along with a look at some of the other plastic offerings coming from the line in the near future.

Once again, we just can't stress enough how much we love the fact that Boss Fight Studio has gone the extra mile and given these figures resealable packaging! That way, collectors can mess around with each figure in the line as they see fit before returning them to their plastic prisons for pristine display once again! Oh how we wish that all our favorite action figure lines followed in these footsteps and gave their offerings such packaging!

Astral Projection Jenny also includes a nice selection of accessories - each one a stealthy, black repaint of those included with the original figure. These not only include three interchangeable faces sporting a different expression and six interchangeable hands, but some very cool astral effects pieces. Cast in a translucent bluish-purple plastic, these pieces are made up of two multi-pointed pieces meant to be mounted over the wrists, and a pair of blast effects.

Thanks to the inclusion of the interchangeable hands, placing the multi-pointed pieces over the figure's wrists is rather simple, while the blast effects come moulded to two of the said hands. Each is a very neat accessory that really add something special to the whole astral projection theme of this new variant figure - as you can see in the images posted throughout.

So, to sum things up, Astral Projection Jenny is another win from Boss Fight Studio.

The sculpt is gorgeous, the paint sublime. The articulation is smooth and tight and the plastic has been greatly improved upon that seen on the initial release. Additionally, this is just one solid variant overall that has us waxing nostalgic for the translucent figures from the 80's and 90's.

Sure, it may just be a repaint of last year's First Mate Jenny, but it's a figure that's deeply rooted within the mythology of the Bucky O'Hare universe - one that proves some variant figures really are worth your time and energy. Sure, collectors are no strangers to repaints, and this latest one from Boss Fight Studio does a fantastic job of expanding upon the line and celebrating an aspect of the character's universe that may come as a surprise to newer fans of the brand.

It's certain to be a welcome addition to any collection.

+ Updated Plastics
+ Aesthetically Pleasing
+ Excellent Level Of Detail
+ Strong Paint Applications
+ Plenty Of Articulation
+ Strong Joints
+ Nice Amount Of Appropriate Accessories
+ Collector-Friendly Packaging

- Not Available At Mass Retail

Overall: "Harkening back to the much-loved translucent toys of the 80's and 90's, Astral Projection Jenny stands as proof of how to do a variant action figure right."

- Special thanks to Sarah Brown over at Boss Fight Studio for sending the sample used in this review! And to Katie Passfield for taking the pictures used in this review!

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