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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Hasbro Unveils New SDCC Exclusive Star Wars Set

Remember those really awesome 3-packs Hasbro gave us with the Star Wars Vintage Collection a few years back? Well, they're bringing a new one to San Diego Comic Con as an exclusive set featuring three of the most popular Star Wars characters from Marvel Comics.

The Star Wars Doctor Aphra Comic set features a trio of brand new 3.75" action figures based on intrepid archaeologist Dr. Aphra and her killer Droid companions Triple-Zero (0-0-0) and BT-1 (Bee-Tee). The set will also be available at FanExpo Canada later this year, as well as in limited quantities online after Comic-Con at the Hasbro Toy Shop website.

Aside from the action figures, Hasbro will also be including a number of accessories in the set - including a blaster pistol and some comically large weapons for Bee-Tee.

Aphra herself will also be getting a standalone release as part of the relaunched vintage collection, but there is no word if her Droids will also be getting a retail release at this time.

The 3-pack will be priced at $50. Will you be picking one up at Comic Con next month?

Source: io9

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