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Friday, 8 June 2018

Jurassic World Statues Coming From Prime 1 Studio

Hold on to your butts!

Prime 1 Studio has announced that they'll be releasing a new line of statues based off of the Jurassic World franchise! They've even enlisted some top artists from Industrial Light and Magic to aid in creating these new collectibles! Check out the announcement posted below...

Prime 1 Studio is excited to announce officially our next upcoming license Jurassic Park and World franchises. We are even more thrilled to let all our fans know the artists behind these projects, Steve Jubinville and Julien Romeo. Steve is the Modeling Lead/ Asset Supervisor for ILM for Jurassic World franchises. He is our main sculpt artist working on all our projects so far. Julien also works for ILM and he is the main modelers for the Jurassic Park: Origins. We can expect the products to be the most movie accurate from the Jurassic franchises from theses guys. This incredible opportunity gives Steve the chance to open his own company Dark Moon Studio VFX to offer you the best Jurassic Park models ever been done since Stan Winston Studio. This will be the most anticipated collection for all Jurassic Park/World fans.

What do you think, Infinite Earths fans? Pretty exciting, huh?

We can't wait to see the first products from the studio!

Expect more news soon!

Source: Prime 1 Studio

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