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Check out our Latest YouTube Videos!

Sunday, 10 June 2018

New Marvel Legends SP//DR Wave Unveiled

Hasbro has released new promotional images for their upcoming Marvel Legends SP//DR wave.

Below, you can check out official images of all the figures in the wave including:

  • Doc Ock
  • Modern Scarlet Spider
  • Elektra
  • Cloak
  • Dagger
  • All-New-All-Different Daredevil
  • House Of M Spider-Man

The highlight of this wave is clearly the SP//DR Build-A-Figure.

In the comics, it is a mech suit piloted by young Peni Parker.

The wave has begun hitting stores over in the United Kingdom, and it should eventually make its way over to or shores here in North America later this summer!

What do you think of this latest Marvel Legends assortment?

Source: Hasbro

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