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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Review: DC Comics - The Unexpected #1

The DC Universe is forever changed this week in the pages of The Unexpected #1.

Rising from the flames of Dark Nights: Metal, this fascinating debut issue from the brilliant mind of Steve Orlando (The Shadow/Batman) introduces readers to the sizzling Firebrand, a former paramedic turned flame powered fighter.

Known as Janet Fals, Firebrand is now forced to start a fight once every 24 hours to feed the Conflict Engine that’s replaced her once beating heart. A fix she gets every night as the main event over in Mommoth City duking it out with goons galore at the Heaven's Undercarriage bar.

However, this mysterious new upgrade does more than keep her alive, it also serves as a beacon set to draw out Neon the Unknown and the less than pleasant Bad Samaritan. This draws Janet into a conflict the likes of which she has never faced before. Hoping to avoid detection, Janet takes on work as a doctor at a Gotham City hospital - and it is here that the forces of good and evil collide, with Janet Fals smack in the middle of it all.

Firebrand's heart has become the key, with one side looking to save it and the other determined to cut it out by any means necessary. However, neither Neon or the Bad Samaritan fully grasp the true dangers hidden within that will kick off a superhero manhunt ranging from the darkest corners of Thanagar to the deepest heart of the Dark Multiverse!

Get ready for The Unexpected!

The debut issue of this brand new series takes everything fans love about the DC Universe and turns it on its head as powerful individuals clash to gain control of a mysterious device being watched by dark and evil forces!

If you loved Dark Nights: Metal, you need to pick up The Unexpected!

Steve Orlando is at the top of his game, weaving a fantastic tale that is certain to hook you in right from the first page! Add to that the gorgeous art of Cary Nord and Ryan Sook and you've got something truly special that is sure to become one of the year's absolute best books!
Rating: 5/5 - "Steve Orlando kicks things off with a boom, bringing his best to a brand new book that looks set to turn the DC Universe on its head in a very big way!"

The Unexpected hits newsstands Wednesday, June 6th.

Don't miss it!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!
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