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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Review: Dynamite - Barbarella #7

Time and space are collapsing!

Finding themselves in 1930's USA, Barbarella and Vossamin attempt to track down the source of a mysterious hormone present throughout their R.U.S.T. travels - while hoping to avoid the Glains in the process. However, when you don't exactly blend in, going unnoticed is difficult.

After purchasing some appropriate apparel, the duo continue their search for the chemical gradient. Meanwhile, the ever persistent Glains successfully rip a hole through time with their own R.U.S.T. deposit, landing them in the same time and place as Barbarella and Vossamin.

The pursuers activate a radiation meter, which pinpoints them to the buxom babe's location. But, before giving chase, they decide to knock down a few doors and impress some small time mobsters to their cause - which they're all too eager to agree to after meeting Pulver's talking gat.

Meeting back up with our heroes, Barbarella and Vossamin eventually locate the source of the mysterious hormone - in the form of an equally mysterious creature currently in labor and folding space and time around itself in a sort of protective nest so she can birth her calf in safety. This stark discovery results in our heroes and the Glain family working together to help the beast.

Once the calf is born, the nest unfolds and everyone returns to their proper place and time. Having worked together, the two sides agree to let bygones be bygones, with Barbarella helping herself to a little bit of R.U.S.T. so as to take a trip across time and offer a warning to a friend.

The latest issue of Barbarella is one trippy ride! And, while we found this particular arc somewhat less satisfying compared to what came before, it was still a fun read that sets itself apart from the countless superhero books dominating newsstands today.

The art is bright and colorful and the story humorous and fun. If you love B-Movie style sci-fi, then this title is sure to be right up your alley. It won't be everyone's cup of coffee, that much is for certain, but we're not afraid to admit that this series always has us smiling.

Even if it is a little bit less this time around.

Rating: 3.5/5 - "Trippy B-Movie science fiction at its best, it's a fun read that is guaranteed to have you smiling."

Barbarella #7 hits newsstands on Wednesday, June 20th.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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