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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Review: Dynamite - James Bond: The Body #6

 Bond Is Back!

The exciting final issue of James Bond: The Body arrives on newsstands tomorrow, bringing the six month mission to a close with a trip to a small pub back in the United Kingdom.

It is here that the MI6 golden boy meets up with an old friend in the form of CIA Agent Felix Lieter. As the pair sit at the bar downing pints and eating breakfast, they each recount their recent missions against the mysterious Prince organization - the same company responsible for putting the hit out on Bond while trying to unleash a deadly virus upon an unsuspecting world.

However, while this briefing seems to point to the mission finally having reached its end, we soon discover that there is just one more loose end to tie up in the form of a loose-lipped information broker selling vital details in a dark corner of the bustling bar. As the man prepares to leave however, he suddenly suffers a fatal heart attack and dies - something that both James Bond and Felix Lieter were clearly expecting to happen.

After the mess is cleaned up, the men return to their meals, satisfied at having been successful in sending a powerful message to the people of the Prince organization - "It is unwise to attempt such things as these." As they eat, Felix takes a moment to inform Bond that his doctor friend is doing quite well following her run-in with his would be assassin, continuing to enjoy a quiet and peaceful life up in the mountains.

A life that Bond envies oh so very much.

James Bond: The Body comes to a close in a most satisfying way, bringing the six month mission to a close and solidifying itself as one of the very best 007 comic books that we've had the privilege of reading in a very long time.

Ales Kot has proven that he knows a thing or two about weaving an action-packed tale across multiple issues, and we're quite eager to see him return to the world of Ian Fleming's famed secret agent sooner rather than later!

James Bond: The Body is everything fans of the 007 franchise could want in a comic, and we're more than a little sad to see one of our most favorite titles of the year finally coming to a close.

No matter how very satisfying it was.

Rating: 5/5 - "This is perhaps one of the most satisfying James Bond books that you will ever read!"

James Bond: The Body #6 brings the mission to a close Wednesday, June 20th.

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