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Monday, 11 June 2018

Tron Figures Coming To Kingdom Hearts Select

Sadly, Tron is not a film that gets a whole lot of love in the world of collectible action figures, but it looks as though Diamond Select Toys is about to remedy the situation by adding some new Torn figures to their popular Kingdom Hearts Select line!

Set to be part of Series 3, Diamond Select Toys is offering new figures from Tron world, including not only Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy in their Tron outfits, but both Tron and Sark!

Check out the three new sets posted below...
  • Black Coat Mickey, a Shadow Assassin, and a Shadow
  • Space Paranoids Goofy, Tron, and a Shadow
  • Space Paranoids Sora, Donald Duck, and Sark

Each set will retail for $25 each, and are slated for release late in 2018.

How excited are you for these upcoming Tron collectibles?

Source: GameSpot

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