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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Nifty NECA Reveals From Comic Con 2018

San Diego Comic Con has come and gone for yet another year, bringing with it some awesome action figure reveals from numerous big name brands across the industry. However, few can come as close to coolness as those reveals made by our friends at NECA.

Once again, Randy Falk and friends descended upon mecca pop culture event and lifted the curtain on some of the niftiest collectibles that we've ever laid eyes on - once again proving why they're at the top of the field with relative ease.

What follows is a look at our Top 10 favorite NECA reveals from San Diego Comic Con 2018...

#10 - Ace Ventura Retro Cloth Figure - NECA went back to the 90's with this surprising piece, which stands 8" tall, features a full cloth outfit and the authorized likeness of funny man Jim Carrey. Miami's best pet detective also includes a small menagerie of animals, interchangeable heads, a pet detective business card and more! Look for Ace to arrive at retail in January.

Why We Love It: Who wouldn't want an action figure of Miami's best pet detective in their collection? Trust us, this one is sure to have you saying Alrighty Then at first glance.

#9 - Golden Girls Retro Cloth Figures - Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sofia are all getting the action figure treatment in 2019 thanks to these very cool, very unique cloth clothed collectibles! Definitely one of the most interesting reveals of San Diego Comic Con, each figure stands around 8" tall, come fully articulated and include fabric clothing and authorized likenesses of each actress. We've no doubt these won't be everyone's cup of coffee, but their just so damn unique that they deserve a spot on this year's list without so much as a question. 

Why We Love It: NECA thanks fans for being a friend and unleashes one of their most unique collectible action figure sets to date! Now, pass the cheesecake...

#8 - The Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi Retro Cloth Figure - Wax On! One of the new licenses NECA revealed this year at San Diego Comic Con was The Karate Kid, and they're kicking things off with three retro clothed figures that includes the always wise Mr. Miyagi. Featuring the likeness of the late Pat Morita, this 8" figure features cloth clothing, multiple points of articulation, a bonsai tree and even an alternate hand with chopsticks. Look for the full first assortment early in 2019.

Why We Love It: Uh, this is Mr. Miyagi we're talking about here! If he's good enough to mentor Daniel LaRusso to the top, and use the waxing of a car to teach a valuable karate technique, then he certainly deserves a spot in your collection. No questions!

#7 - Crash Bandicoot With Jet Pack - We grew up during the heyday of PlayStation gaming, and Crash Bandicoot still remains a favorite amongst us all! This awesome deluxe figure comes loaded with articulation,  stands 5.5" tall and features a unique head sculpt and jet pack accessory. Look for this new figure to hit retailers in November.

Why We Love It: NECA is itching our desire for new Crash Bandicoot merchandise at a shocking rate, and this new Jet Pack version is the coolest one to date!

 #6 - Godzilla 1962 - NECA is bringing back the King Of The Monsters once more! Revealed at San Diego Comic Con was a 1962 version of the classic Kaiju taken right out of the classic Ishiro Honda film, King Kong vs. Godzilla. While there's no release date just yet, the figure will stand about 7" tall and feature a gracious amount of sculpted detailing and articulation - including the ever popular bendable tail! Fans will surly be happy to add another classic incarnation of the King Of The Monsters to their collections in the very near future, just as we are!

Why We Love It: NECA once again looks to blow those expensive imports out of the water with their line of excellent, and affordable, Godzilla figures, which is finally expanding with another classic look after far too long a wait.

#5 - Gremlins Ultimate Stripe - NECA always hits a homerun when it comes to their Gremlins figures, and the upcoming Ultimate Stripe figure looks to follow in those footsteps once more! Standing 6" tall and featuring over 25 points of articulation, Stripe sports his signature Mohawk, a brand new body with articulated ears and jaw, chainsaw, rolling skateboard, saw blade and interchangeable hands for a maximum level of mayhem. Look for him in December.

Why We Love It: NECA can't miss with the Gremlins line, and this Ultimate Stripe figure has them pulling out all the stops and creating one of the coolest collectibles to date.

#4 - Terminator 2 Color Change T-1000 - NECA is releasing a new assortment of Terminator 2 figures that pay tribute to the classic Kenner toys of the 1990's - including a color-changing version of Robert Patrick's T-1000! Standing 7" tall, the figure actually changes color when dunked in warm water - just like the original Kenner figure! Interchangeable blades, a pistol and multiple points of articulation will also be included on this figure, which arrives in December.

Why We Love It: NECA pays homage to one of the coolest classic Terminator figures ever released, and brings back a gimmick that was a huge part of our 90's childhood.

#3 - TMNT Quarter Scale Foot Soldier - NECA continues to expand upon their awesome assortment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures with a Quarter Scale version of the Foot Soldier as seen in the iconic Steve Barron flick. The Foot Soldier stands 18" tall and features over 30 points of articulation, including double knee and elbow joints. The figure is highly detailed and entirely accurate to the movie, and comes with an arsenal of ninja weapon accessories. Look for this bad boy to arrive in December - just in time for the Holiday Season.

Why We Love It: It's an 18" version of Shredder's faceless enforcers! Why wouldn't this bad boy be on our list of the coolest NECA figures revealed at the show?

#2 - Aliens Kenner Drake - Slated to arrive in 2019, this all-new Pvt. Mark Drake figure pays homage to the classic Kenner figure of the 1990's. He stands 7" tall and will include his iconic Smartgun. No additional info was given, and the release date has yet to be announced, but it's totally awesome to see more of these classic Kenner Marines getting the love they deserve.

Why We Love It: We love everything about the NECA Aliens line, especially when we get to expand the ranks of our Marine Corps to bring the hurting on those Xenomorphs.

#1 - Terminator 2 Power Arm T-800 - NECA is releasing a new assortment of Terminator 2 figures that pay tribute to the classic Kenner toys of the 1990's - including a very cool updated version of the Power Arm T-800! Packing some serious heat in the form of a missile launcher, machine gun and a claw arm, this is the ultimate update to the ultimate Terminator figure of the 1990's. Look for this new figure to arrive in December along with the color-changing T-1000, and a Metal Mash version of the always cool Endoskeleton! A must for any Terminator fan!

Why We Love It: The ultimate update to the ultimate Terminator figure of the 1990's.

And so, our countdown reaches an end for yet another year.

NECA once again made sure they brought their A-Game to San Diego and showed why they stand above the competition year in and year out! There's a lot of awesome plastic coming down the pipe over the next little while - and we're sure fans will want to get it all!
What did you think of our look at the best NECA reveals from San Diego Comic Con?

Do you agree with what we've showcased here, or did we miss something?
Be sure to let us know, we always appreciate comments and feedback from the fans.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!
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