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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Review: DC Comics - Wonder Woman #51

After being jailed over a year ago, the small time crook known as Mayfly receives an unexpected visitor while behind bars at Slabside Prison - Wonder Woman.

Seeing the villain as capable of transformation, the story follows Wonder Woman as she visits Mayfly over the course of several years. During this time, we delve deep into the life of the small time crook known as Moon Robinson - from her unpleasant childhood, to the death of her parents, and her eventual exposure to the Gene-Bomb that would end up transforming her into the Mayfly.

However, while Diana looks to aid in the woman's rehabilitation, the visits over the course of the next several years end up changing the Amazonian Princess along the way - as she too learns to open up and share her feelings over the numerous experiences that have made up her life.

Guest writer Steve Orlando has created a truly intriguing standalone story that not only allows readers to peer into the heart of a woman crying out for love and respect, but also witness the slight transformation of an iconic DC heroine.

In addition, Laura Braga has unleashed some beautiful art to Orlando's words! The final product thus comes together into an extremely satisfying and emotional issue that is sure to be a favorite of Wonder Woman fans old and new alike!

And just wait until you witness the confrontation with Inversion!

To sum up, Wonder Woman #51 is easily one of our favorite one-offs of all time, trading in the majority of superhero heroics in for a deeper, more meaningful tale that sees two woman from opposite sides of life undergoing a much needed transformation!

Rating: 5/5 - "A deep and meaningful one-off that peers into the transformation of two very different DC characters."

Wonder Woman #51 hits newsstands today!

Don't miss it, Infinite Earths fans!

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