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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Review: Dynamite - Charlie's Angels #2

The Angels Must Stop A Nuclear War.

Welcome back to the stylish 70's in a brand new issue of Charlie's Angels!

Hailing from the creative team of John Layman and Joe Eisma comes an exciting and all-new episode that follows Jill, Kelly and Sabrina on a mission to stop an undercover KGB agent from handing over top secret plans to the Germans.

The issue kicks off at 30,000-feet, with the tricky trio disguised as stewardesses on board an airplane transporting the suave Bryce Steele to an important business meeting - where he plans to unload those top secret plans once and for all. Of course, when they learn Steele loves women, the Angels simply turn on the charm. This results in Kelly attracting Steele's attention, and he ends up inviting her to a suave dinner party.

It is at said dinner party that Jill, Kelly and Sabrina learn that the deal is about to go down. Springing into action, the Angels send the Germans scattering, but not before they subdue an injured Mr. Steele. However, it is then that they learn their intended target is not a KGB operative, but an undercover CIA agent on a mission to stop German spies.

With this realization, the Angels come to a shocking conclusion - Charlie gave them wrong information, which means something must be terribly wrong!

Charlie's Angels #2 is a sexy, seedy, suave follow up to last month's debut issue! John Layman continues to present each chapter as an episode of the classic television series, while Joe Eisma has perfectly captured the look and feel of the 70's in a unique and beautiful way!

Two issues in and we're finding that Dynamite Entertainment has presented us with something that is quickly becoming one of our most favorite titles this year!

We can't wait to see what's next!

Rating: 5/5 - "Charlie's Angels is suave, sexy and stylish! The 70's never looked so good!"

Charlie's Angels #2 hits newsstands on Wednesday, July 25th.

Until next time, you cool cats!

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