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Monday, 30 July 2018

Review: Dynamite - Charlie's Angels #3

The Angels Head To Germany!

Charlie's Angles is back on newsstands this month with another exciting issue that sees Sabrina, Kelly and Jill overseas attempting to stop a plot to destabilize America.

After making their way across the border, the trio head to a CIA safe house after stealing some mopeds and contact Bosley for help. They're then patched through to Charlie, but it doesn't take the Angels long to realize that it's not their boss on the other end of the line. Certain there is a plot afoot, the trio give a fake address and sit tight.

Not too long after, a demolitionist arrives and looks to blow the Angels to heaven. However, he destroys the wrong building and finds himself taken down by the girls - who aren't looking to play nice after the attempt on their life.

Back in America, the German spies realize that their man has failed to off the Angels, and so they put in a call of their own - to three very naughty girls looking to send our heroines straight to Hell!

We've said it once, and we'll say it again - we absolutely love what John Layman and Joe Eisma are doing with Charlie's Angels! This latest issue is as fun as one would expect, filled with plenty of action and enough 70's stereotypes to keep readers entertained from start to finish!

This latest issue takes the heroines overseas as they attempt to save the world once more - and, if you ask us, the world couldn't be in better hands! We can't get enough of this fun-filled series, and hope it'll be sticking around for the foreseeable future!

 So long as Layman and Eisma stay on the title.

Rating: 5/5 - Charlie's Angels can do no wrong, as the fun-filled throwback has us waxing nostalgic for this classic 70's TV series with each passing month!

Charlie's Angels #3 arrives on newsstands Wednesday, August 8th.

Don't miss it, Infinite Earths fans!

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