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Friday, 27 July 2018

Review: Dynamite - Project Superpowers #1

The Heroes Have Returned!

Project Superpowers returns to this month with an exciting and action-packed issue that sees the heroes come together to save the passengers on board a trio of plummeting airplanes.

What starts out as Diana Adams, the retired heroine known as Masquerade, stopping off in New York to do a TV interview about her new book quickly turns into a reunion of supers when three airplanes heading into New York mysteriously shut down in mid flight! This results in Diana having to take up her costumed alter ego once again, joined by the likes of Green Lama, Samson, Black Terror, and Scarab - all former heroes ready to answer the call once again!

Meanwhile, amidst the chaos one of the passengers, an eighteen year old girl named Imani Cooper, discovers that there is a sixth superpowered being on the scene - but it soon becomes clear that he's not there to help his costumed comrades with the issue at hand. Desperate to help the good guys, Imani steps in and tries to intervene - resulting in a rather surprising twist fans won't see coming!

Project Superpowers #1 is an action-packed roller-coaster ride showcasing some awesome super heroics as well as taking a look at how society has changed in the last 75 years. Additionally, this issue packs in a few fun twists sure to keep readers on their toes and is not afraid to admit that there still is some good in this crazy, mixed-up world after all. We just have to know where to find it.

Rob Williams and Sergio Davila have combined their respective talents into one seriously exciting read! One packed to brim with colorful characters that we can't wait to learn more about as this new series progresses! Project Superpowers is quickly becoming one of our most favorite titles of the summer, and we're sure that it won't take you long to see why!

Rating: 5/5 - "With a distinct Golden Age flair, Project Superpowers is an action-packed rollarcoaster ride that fans of all things super will not want to miss out on!"

Project Superpowers #1 hits newsstands on Wednesday, August 1st.

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