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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Review: Dynamite - Xena #6

A new adventure is about to begin!

Xena #6 arrives next week, with Erica Schultz taking the reigns from Meredith Finch.

In the book, we watch as a young girl with mysterious powers flees her home at night.

In an effort to locate their daughter, the girl's parents head to Delphi in the hopes of inquiring of the mystical Oracles. It is during this time that we reunite with Xena and Gabrielle as they attempt to stop a wagon full of thieves from escaping with some stolen gold.

Of course, the heroines effortlessly stop the criminals and return the gold to its rightful owner, a local guide who brings those seeking answers to the Oracles - for a price, of course. Shortly after, while making her way though the throngs of people, Xena bumps into a mysterious woman who knows all the Amazon's deepest and darkest secrets. Collapsing from exhaustion after this revelation, the young woman is taken into the care of Xena and Gabrielle who arrange to take her somewhere safe.

We then rejoin desperate parents Geraki and Aspasia as they continue to seek audience with the Oracles. Eventually being invited in, the poor couple are horrified to learn that there is something seriously wrong with their daughter - now in the company of a former warlord.

This revelation results in the Oracles dismissing the crowds for the day, as they quickly realize that this mysterious girl could actually pose a rather seriously threat toward them.

Shortly afterwards, the mystical siblings begin formulating a plan to take out this new threat.

Not wishing to have their legions of loyal followers disappear, they realize it is time to get their hands dirty with the help of some hired assassins.

The latest issue of Xena sets the Warrior Princess on a brand new adventure that once again looks to embody everything that fans loved about the classic 90's television series. It's fun, and filled with the signature humour that defined the series, and once again, we find ourselves excited by the prospect of every single new issue with each passing month!

Erica Schultz has set up the building blocks for what is sure to be another magical and mysterious adventure for our heroines, and we can't wait to see what she has planned moving forward! Add to that some very impressive art from the extremely talented Vicente Cifuentes, and fans have something really worth looking forward to from this all-new arc.

Granted, this is just the first issue in a new adventure, but it was a strong start that looks to set up something really fun - without giving too much away! We must take this time to tip our hats to Erica Schultz, she's roped us in, and we're more than a little eager to see what's next!

Rating: 5/5 - "Erica Schultz has crafted a magical mystery certain to rope in the readers."

Xena #6 arrives on newsstands Wednesday, July 11th.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans.

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