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Friday, 10 August 2018

We Talk The Terminator With Brian Wood

Next week, Dark Horse Comics is bringing the Terminator back to newsstands.

Terminator: Sector War will transport readers back to the summer of 1984, and follow NYPD Officer Lucy Castro as she becomes the next target of a relentless T800.

We recently sat down with series writer Brian Wood, and he was more than willing to share some juicy details regarding this explosive new title, which hits stores on Wednesday.

Check out the full interview posted below...

Infinite Earths: "Were you much of a Terminator fan before kicking off this brand-new series for Dark Horse Comics?"

Brian Wood: "Who isn’t?  One of the reasons that I, as primarily a creator-owned writer, likes to take on these licensed gigs is because I have affection for the material and want to take on the challenge of contributing to it."

Infinite Earths: "What exactly is the plot behind Terminator: Sector War?"

Brian Wood: "The premise is that John Connor could not possibly be the only important person in the future war against the machines.  And if Skynet is going to send T800’s back to erase these people, they’d probably want to do it all in one go.  So just like Arnie going back to kill Sarah Connor, we have our T800 sent to New York to kill NYPD officer Lucy Castro.  Who can say how many other T800’s, to how many other locations?  That’s the kernel of the story that got my brain working."

Infinite Earths: "Is this the very first time that you've worked on a title set within the Terminator Universe?"

Brian Wood: "The first, yes.  I pitched a few different takes, some wildly different than this one, so if there is a chance in the future to write another one, I’d be down."

Infinite Earths: "What makes this particular Terminator story different from those that have come from the franchise before?"

Brian Wood: "Well, that’s interesting, since the premise of this story is that it’s a parallel story to the original film, deliberately so.  So, it’s meant to be familiar and referential, while still being its own thing."

Infinite Earths: "You've worked on some pretty big properties in the past, like your excellent run on Star Wars, how does Terminator differ from projects that you've worked on before?"

Brian Wood: "One of the initial mandates of this mini was to do something that is primarily art-focused and let the writer (me) fall back into a supporting role.  To that end I wrote scripts that had enough space and built-in leeway for Jeff to do his thing the way he sees fit, and the results have been great.  Jeff and Triona are both great, they deserve all the applause."

Infinite Earths: "What is it about the Terminator franchise that you feel has allowed it to survive and expand after all of these years - despite some less than stellar sequels?"

Brian Wood: "I have not seen the most recent Terminator film, but I’ve enjoyed all the ones I have.  I think there is this great core theme of humanity’s arrogance and an over-reliance on technology that eventually comes to destroy us.  That’s a theme that only gets more relevant over time.  Even outside of the context of the films, people drop casual references to Skynet when talking about tech.  It’s all part of us now."

Infinite Earths: "What do you think longtime Terminator fans will enjoy most about your story? At the same time, what does this series offer newcomers looking to enter this universe for the very first time?"

Brian Wood: "I don’t think there are any newcomers to the Terminator universe that would choose to pick this up - I feel like everyone at least knows the premise of Terminator, and I think a comic book is speaking to a pretty clued-in audience.  And that’s a big reason why we did the story we did, one that ties directly into the films, drops a few fun Easter eggs and, without spoiling the story, has a major connective tissue to the LA-based Terminator story."

Infinite Earths: "What is it like working with an artist as talented as Jeff Stokely? Is this the first time you've worked on a project together?"

Brian Wood: "I had a near miss with Jeff when I was writing Moon Knight at Marvel, so I’m happy I have the chance.  Both Jeff and Triona Farrell are true professionals.  I see my job as staying out of their way as much as possible and letting them do their thing."

By the sound of things, this is going to be one spectacular series for fans of the Terminator mythos, and we're more than a little eager to hop on board and see how it all connects!

Infinite Earths would like to personally thank Mr. Wood for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with us! We are honored to have you as a fan and supporter of our work at Infinite Earths and look forward to speaking with you again in the future! 

For more information on this exciting new series, be sure to follow Dark Horse Comics on Twitter, and be sure to pick up the first issue of Terminator: Sector War on August 15th.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!  

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