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Monday, 24 September 2018

Classic Transformers Feature In New Bumblebee Trailer

Anyone else thinking that Travis Knight is a G1 Transformers fan?

We know we sure are after checking out the latest trailer for Bumblebee.

This new one still puts plenty of emphasis on the fan-favorite Autobot and his upcoming solo adventure, but takes a few seconds to flash back to the war on Cybertron - where several classic characters grace the screen in all their classic 80's glory!

Check out the new trailer posted in the player below...

We must admit that we are excited for this one!

While the previous Transformers movies have lost their way of late, this new entry looks to be dialing back the scale a bit in favour of an adventure more akin to the classic cartoons.

And that's something that may work in the favour of this franchise moving forward.

Bumblebee hits theatres on December 21st.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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