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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Review: DC Comics - Batgirl #27

You can't go home again.

After her shocking showdown with the villainous Grotesque, Barbara Gordon finds herself forced to move back home as the doctors look to repair the damage to her malfunctioning mobility chip.

Of course, with a murderous art thief on the loose turning people into mutilated masterpieces, being stuck in bed is the last place that Batgirl wants to be. And so, donning her prototype costume, Barbara takes to the streets once more.

Searching high and low, Barbara eventually happens upon the last known location of Grotesque - and is shocked to discover that the man under the mask is dead. However, as she soon finds out, the villain is still at large - and as ready for a rematch as ever!

 However, Batgirl isn't going down without a fight!

The latest issue of Batgirl is an interesting glimpse into the mind of Barbara Gordon as she struggles with the frustrations of losing her mark and forcing the very real possibility of being sidelined once again. However, it also paints a beautiful picture of one determined individual looking to stop the forces of evil despite what it may mean for herself in the future.

Mairghread Scott continues the Art Of The Crime arc with a flawless perfection, while being unafraid to look into some very real and frightening outcomes for Barbara Gordon. This story is perfectly complemented by panels upon panels of striking art courtesy of Norm Rapmund and Paul Pelletier, which expertly transport us back to Gotham City as we follow Batgirl on her seemingly never ending crusade to bring Grotesque down once and for all!

And just wait until you get to that final panel! It's sure to leave you shocked!

Rating: 5/5 - "A fascinating glimpse into the mind of Barbara Gordon as she struggles with the very real possibility of being sidelined once again."

Batgirl #27 hits newsstands today.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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