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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Review: DC Comics - Injustice vs. Masters Of The Universe #3

The Battle For Eternia Rages On!

The craziest crossover event of the year continues this week in the pages of Injustice vs. Masters Of The Universe #3! Now at its halfway point, the title takes us back to Eternia, where our heroes find themselves paying a visit to Castle Grayskull - and soon defending the fortress against the forces of the villainous Darkseid!

Meanwhile back on Earth, Batman and his team prepare to strike Superman’s dictatorship, but not before the Dark Knight reveals his true identity and offers He-Man some words of wisdom before charging into battle against Wonder Woman's Suicide Squad. However, while Lobo, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah and others have their orders, they've never attempted to subdue a subject quite like Eternia's He-Man!

Returning to the magical world, Cyborg and Starfire lead a charge against the army of Darkseid - a massive force of brainwashed denizens intent on cracking down the walls of Castle Grayskull and unlocking the mystical secrets within. Fortunately, our heroes have an army of their own, and they'll stop at nothing to send Darkseid and his horse packing!

The latest issue of Injustice vs. Masters Of The Universe is a delicious piece of fan service that sees the heroes of the DC and Filmation Universe coming together for the greater good! At the same time, this particular issue not only hits heavy on the fun, but even takes a brief moment to humanize the broken Superman and perhaps remind readers that there may still be some good in him - so long as Skeletor isn't looking to exploit his darker side!

Yes, this continues to be one of the craziest crossovers that we've ever read, but one that we thoroughly enjoy with each new issue! Whether it's Harley Quinn's classic quips or Orko's goofy humor, this series just keeps us smiling with each turn of the page, and we must once again credit the creative team of Tim Seeley and Freddie Williams II for making comic books fun once again!

Rating: 5/5 - "A continuously crazy comic crossover sure to keep you smiling with each turn of the page!"

Injustice vs. Masters Of The Universe #3 lands on newsstands today!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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