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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Review: DC Comics - Teen Titans #25

Witness The Secret Origins Of Crush!

Teen Titans #25 is finally here, with a brand new issue that sees Crush opening up to Djinn while on a secret road trip to find an important item from her past. Learn what it was like for the daughter of Lobo to grow up in a world afraid of aliens - a world that only judged her based on looks and her connection to one of the baddest bounty hunters in the known galaxy!

As the pieces of her secret origin fall into place, Crush will learn the importance of friendship - just in time to confront the man who killed her beloved parents. It's a seriously emotional tale unafraid to explore parallels against today's society - and it may even bring a tear to your eye!

This is a gripping side adventure with enough  hijinks to make Thelma and Louise jealous - and even includes a bonus story that'll allow fans to discover just how Roundhouse got home!

You all know how we feel about Adam Glass' work on Teen Titans, and we're happy to report this opinion has not changed! Teen Titans continues to be a criminally underrated masterpiece, one that needs to be in the library of every DC Comics fan old and new alike!

Glass' work on this title will go down in history as some of the very best, the likes of which will forever be able to stand with the likes of Wolfman and Lemire with unparalleled ease!

Rating: 5/5 - "A criminally underrated masterpiece that stands with the very best!"

Teen Titans #25 is available now! Don't miss it for the world!

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