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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Review: Dynamite - James Bond Origin #4

The Key To Survival Is Silence!

After narrowly escaping a German cruiser, Bond and the crew of the Seawolf happen upon a small island to do some much needed repairs to the sub. As work gets underway, a small detachment is sent into the island interior to bring back some fresh food for the crew.

As they trek through the jungle, the group look to bring back some bushels of fruit for their friends, but soon find themselves following some muddied footprints through the forest. Soon, they happen upon a small German camp and locate the bomber that destroyed their supply ship. Using the training they received aboard the Seawolf, Bond and his mates use silence to sneak up on their enemies, making quick work of the soldiers, and luring an incoming German cruiser into a trap... that requires Bond and his friends to tale control of the bomber before the ship can reach their location!

James Bond Origin continues to shed much needed light upon the earliest days of Britain's favorite son! Packed full of action, and some seriously stellar imagery, this is one series that fans of Ian Fleming's super spy won't want to miss!

Whether it's Jeff Parker's masterful script, or Bob Q's killer art, this looks to be a perfect combination - and one worthy of James Bond's timeless legacy!

Rating: 5/5 - "A series that refuses to quit, this is quickly becoming one of the best Bond books to slink out of the Dynamite library!"

James Bond Origin #4 is available now!

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