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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Review: Dynamite - Mars Attacks #3

The Invasion Has Begun!

Mars Attacks invades newsstands this week, bringing a third issue that continues to follow the Carbutt boys' quest to find safety amidst a hostile Martian presence.

Joining up with a detachment of the United States military, Spencer and his father arrive at a small town with their armed escorts just in time to be caught off guard by an alien sneak attack. As the lasers fly and soldiers disintegrate around them, the father and son duo desperately look for a place of adequate safety to get them through the night. However, when the menacing moon men unleash their pets upon the populace, the pair soon realize they may not survive another day.

As the chaos continues, Spencer finally confronts his father over the way he has been treated, leading the Colonial realizes that he has in fact been more than a little hard on his son over the years. But, with the duo finally repairing their relationship, we can't help but wonder if there will even be a world left for them to enjoy once the sun comes up!

The latest issue of Dynamite's Mars Attacks series is a bizarrely humorous love letter to the oftentimes strained relationships between fathers and sons! It's gloriously goofy and as heartwarming as a book of this caliber can possibly be!

Mars Attacks continues to be a fun-filled science fiction epic, one that's unafraid to embrace its over the top silliness and prove to the world that we never get sick of alien invasions! Kyle Starks and Chris Schweizer are sure to have you waxing nostalgic with each flip of the page!

In short, Mars Attacks is another solid win for the House Of Dynamite!

Rating: 4/5 - "Gloriously goofy and heartwarming in its own unique way!"

Mars Attacks #3 is available now.

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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