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Monday, 31 December 2018

Watch The Trailer For Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

The Pokémon Company has released the first trailer for Pokémon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, a remake of the 1998 anime classic that brought the hugely popular Pokémon franchise to the big screen for the very first time with a story that saw Ash Ketchum and friends encountering the fan-favorite clone known as Mewtwo.

90's kids who grew up during the heyday of Pokémon popularity ate it up, and there's no doubt every last one of them, now grownups with families of their own, will be more than a little excited to see the beloved feature film updated for a new generation of fans!

Check out the full three dimensional trailer posted below...

Pokémon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution hits theatres in Japan on July 12th. Currently, there is no word when or how this one will see release in North America - however, we're betting it'll see a limited theatrical release at some point in the Fall, if we had to guess.

This latest film is sure to pluck at the nostalgic heartstrings of older Pokémon fans, whom we've no doubt will be lining up around the block to check it out any way they possibly can!

What do you think, Infinite Earths fans?

Source: The Pokémon Company

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